Corporate Dentistry

Dental Care for Corporate Clients

Here at the National Implant Centre (NIC) we provide both onsite and offsite services to our corporate clients. We service over 16,000 patients and are lucky to have an amazing team of dental professionals who can cater for every dental problem.

Our Goal:

Our focus is based on strong ethical values about what it means to be a dental professional and always doing what is best for patient.

Our Experience:

Our practice has been around since 2000 and we are provide onsite dental services the Apple Computers Cork to their 6000+ employees since 2015.
We provide offsite services to over 900 VMware employees in our main Clinic in Ballincollig since 2011.
Our main Clinic at the NIC in Cork is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and we are ready for the digital age of dentistry.

What makes us Unique?

Our hand-picked dentists have been selected for their strong ethical values for what it means to be a dental professional. We are paid a salary rather than a fee per treatment. We have recruited only the very best dental professionals over the last 20 years.

Big tooth floating above a hand of a man in in suit
  1. Employees typically take 45mins to complete their treatment our NIC onsite dental clinics. They can then return directly to their desk. Employees going to other offsite clinics typically take a half a days leave thereby reducing their productivity.
  2. We operate so that the patient does not have to wait thereby reducing their non-productive times
  3. We work closely with our corporate partners with complete transparency with regards to costs.
  4. We have good relationships with Dental Insurers which is mutually beneficial to all.
  5. The costs to the employees and their employers are significantly reduced.
Corporate Dentistry

  1. Easy access to a world class dental service guaranteed by the NIC that is far superior to what is available in the community.
  2. Unbiased dental opinion that is not financially driven.
  3. Dental Insurance that can offset the cost of treatment often by more than 50%.
  4. Regular dental visits improve the patient’s oral health and thereby reduce their risks of complications of many medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

We have a simple 3-step process for any employers who want to ensure their workers get the very best dental treatment on offer in Cork.


Contact the NIC to tell us about your company’s dental insurance scheme – this will en-sure that your employees are given the right advice on making use of their insurance cover. We can also list you on our website so that both current and potential employees know that your company is actively involved in staff wellbeing.


Make your employees aware that NIC in Cork are registered providers of dental care with Vhi Dental, DeCare Dental and Laya Healthcare – we are happy to provide text, logos and images for employee intranet sites, employee handbooks and graphics for your staff canteen notice boards.


… that’s it, our corporate partners don’t need to do anything else – NIC Cork will take it from here!

Cover for dental treatment is dependent on the terms and conditions of each provider in relation to the member’s level of cover. It’s important to check your level of cover before having treatment.